Wii Sports: A very good starting point

Hey everybody.  I’m going to talk about wii sports.  This is the perfect first game, and the perfect thing to package with the wii.

For those of you who remember the first time you picked up a wii remote, and bowled a ball, threw a punch, or putt a golf ball, you obviously remembered the great feeling.  That’s the thing with the wii sports.  It’s perfect for the wii.  Can you imagine playing on the Xbox or playstation with little buttons… OF COURSE NOT!!!  This is a game that never gets old, and whenever you have friends who don’t have a wii to come over, this is gonna be the game they’re asking about.  Here’s my full review of wii sports.

1.   Bowling

STRIKE!!!  Bowling, the first game on our list, is the definite best for a family.  Four can play, no matter how many remotes you have, and it brings out the competitiveness in everybody.  My family was competing to see who could turn pro first.  You roll the ball by holding A, doing a forward motion with your arm, and releasing A.  You can also spin by moving your wrist and move your position and angle from left to right (sounds complicated, but it’s not).

By the way, I’ve bowled a perfect 300 before!!!  I’ll have to upload the pic to prove it later!!!


  • If you get 1000 points, you become pro, and your ball has a diamond pattern, and becomes shiny.
  • When the screen turns black after your done going through the number of players and such, press one of the four arrow keys on the d pad to change your ball color (up=blue, left=red, down=green, right=yellow).
  • Let go of A when your arm is going backward, and see the audience react to the ball headed right at them.

2.  Tennis

My personal favorite.  Basically, you can either play against a computer or another person.  You serve by throwing your remote up, and down again.  Your opponent hits it back, and you swing from wither the left or right, depending on what side the ball’s on.  Once you get up high in the ranks, you go against some pretty tough opponents.  It all goes by so fast, it’s so much fun!!!


  • At the screen warning you not to let go of the remote, hold down 2, and you play on a different court.
  • To win, you should try to swing earlier or later, depending where you want the ball to go.  If the ball is coming to my right like the picture above, swing earlier to make it go to the left.  Swing late for it to go to the right.

3.  Baseball

Out of the park!!!  This game is really fun too, is shorter than bowling, but longer than tennis.  To pitch, you can start by pressing an arrow to make the pitch go either left, right, high, or low.  You than hold either A, B, A+B, or nothing at all for a different pitch, and throw it.  If I remember correctly, A is splitter, B is Curve, A+B is Sinker(it doesn’t hit the strike zone, is harder to hit, but if they don’t swing, it’s a ball), and nothing at all is just a normal pitch.  Throw it hard or softly to change the speed you want to throw it at.  If he hits it, you basically don’t do anything.  The computer either gets him out, or not by itself, which sorta stinks.  So, if you like this, I’m sure you’d love a game totally dedicated to baseball.  To bat, you just swing, and the computer runs for you.  It’s actually pretty fun, though.


  • If you make the pitcher throw a lot of pitches, he’ll start to sweat, and throw some easy pitches down the middle.
  • Press 2 to throw underhand, and 1 again to throw overhand.

4.  Boxing

Another very good 2 player game.  It’s also the easiest to learn.  You basically just puch left and right using the remote and nunchuck, and hope for the best.  If you put them up to your face, you can block some punches.  Also, wide punches hurt more than just moving your arm straight.  You can move both remotes to the left and right to dodge.  Sometimes, if you do this, your opponent is stunned for a second, and you can whack him.  It’s three rounds, and at the end, the computer decides who did the best.  You both have a stamina, and once it goes out, the person is on the ground.  After 10 seconds, if the person has not gotten up, the other one wins.  Depending on how fast you knock him out, you get more points.


  • If you become pro (1000 points), you get silver gloves.

5.  Golf

This one’s just O.K.  You basically swing, and you hit the ball.  You have to take in the wind speed, and remember not to hit it to hard, or it will veer off.  It’s kind of boring, and we got Tiger Woods Golf, and it’s infinitely better.


Thanks for reading my review on Wii Sports, and now it’s your turn.  Ask me about anything on any of the games, and I will answer it.  Next, we’ll talk about Wii Play, which is a fun little game, and comes with another remote.  It’s a great deal, so come by soon!!!

Wii would like to play.


9 Responses to Wii Sports: A very good starting point

  1. AlexM says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. wiiconsumer says:

    Thanks for the input. Check back soon!

  3. Very interesting site, nice design, greetings

  4. Eric says:

    great articles!!!

  5. deathgleaner says:

    Wow, nice tips!

    I have to say though, that Wii Sports makes things way too easy. There’s a blog post on my blog –


    I hope you can check it out sometime!

  6. these gamesss a really nic
    i persnlly likd the tennis one
    n waitin fr ur reply nd buy as soon as posssiblll…

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