Wii Series: Wii Fit: Wow!!!

Wow!!! Is pretty much all I can say for the third game in the Wii Series (not including Wii Chess).  Wii Fit takes gamers where gamers have never gone before… Fitness.  If Nintendo can make an awesome, almost impossible to get game that is about fitness, I can’t wait to see what other kinds of games they can make.






Basically, Wii Fit is a game that pushes you, let’s you have fun, and challenges you.

It all starts at the beginning, when you get weighed, and it tests your balance.  I don’t focus too much on gaining or losing weight, but I hear it’s really good.  In the game, you can play Yoga, Strength Excercises (push-ups, lunges, ect.), Balance games, and Calorie Burning games.

In Yoga, you mimic what the trainer does on the screen, while trying to balance.  You see a rectangle, which is the balance board.  The yellow bar shows you where your center of balance is supposed to be, and the red dot shows you where it’s at.  It’s pretty difficult, but it really works some of your muscles and tones them. But there will be no muscles to tone if you don’t do strength excercises.

You can do things like pus-ups, lunges, several well known excercises, along with some new ones.  They can be actually really tiring, and as you do one a certain amount of times, it allows you to do more repititions.  There are a few games where you have to do as many as you can, going against your trainer.

In balance games, you have to position your weight to do a task.  You can play snowboarding, tight-rope-walking, soccerball head-butting, and much more.

In calorie burning excercises, there is a boxing game, step/dancing rhythm game, hula hooping, and you can even put the remote in your pocket and jog through the park, on the beach, through caves, and more!!!

Every day, it reccomends you take a body test, where you see whether your weights going up, down, and whether your balance is getting better.  It is an amazing game, and I strongly suggest you get it, especially because it is packaged with the Wii Balance Board, which they are making a lot of cool games for.

Wii would like to play


2 Responses to Wii Series: Wii Fit: Wow!!!

  1. Making of durable plastic material, you can now play any Wiimote games without worrying about breaking your Wiimote. Glenn Snowboarding

  2. wiiconsumer says:

    Yup, that’s right, but if you have the strap on, you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

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