Wii Series: WII PLAY: OK game, awesome price!!!


Hey, everybody.  I’m gonna talk about Wii Play, the next game in our Wii series.


Alright, so here’s the deal.  Wii Play is one of those games that’s kinda fun, but gets kinda boring.  There are 9 minigames.  The great thing about it is that it’s packaged with the wii remote, so it turns out to be a pretty good deal!  You can play either one or two player.

  1. Billiards – Billiards is like normal billiards (pool).  It’s actually one of my favorites.
  2. Ping Pong – You have to rally with the computer as many times in a row with 1 player, and with two, it’s normal ping pong.  Again, one of my faves.
  3. Find Mii – You see scenes of mii’s like places like space, mall, parking lot, underwater and have to find a certain mii, the fastest mii, the mii with a twin, ect.
  4. Shooting Range – Another good one.  Targets fly through the screen, and you have to shoot them.  There are different stages where you do different things
  5. Tanks – THIS IS THE BEST ONE!!! You have to move through a course, and shoot opponent tanks.  Certain ones have different powers (missles, lay bombs, fast) and you have to get through the levels, which actually get difficult!!!
  6. Fishing – You put your fishing rod in the pond, and try to catch a fish.  When one gets on the hook, you have to yank the remote to pull it out of the water.
  7. Cow Racing – This is pretty good.  You hold the remote horrizantally and almost drive it.  Your goal is to knock down the scarecrows.
  8. Mii Bubble Game – This is very boring.  You change your mii’s pose by pressing A and B, and have to fill in the bubble with the pose outlined in it.
  9. Lazer Hockey – This is set up like pong, but it’s air hockey with vibrant colors.

 Overall- Don’t expect to be hooked on this game or anything for long periods of time, but it is entertaining to play once and a while, ESPECIALLY TANKS!!!










5 Responses to Wii Series: WII PLAY: OK game, awesome price!!!

  1. malek86 says:

    Those extra 10€ for the game, which I had to pay because there had no single Wiimotes in the store, would have been a waste, if it weren’t for the Tanks game. I approve, Nintendo (but not enough – next time, at least two or three decent games, please).

  2. wiiconsumer says:

    Yes, I agree completely! I think Nintendo was targeting the younger gamers (3-10 years old) who hadn’t played many video games until the wii. Great point!

  3. kenia galeas says:

    me parece que esto es genial !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! increible_

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