Mario Kart, Wii!

Alright, folks.  I’ve already talked about all of the released games in the wii series, so now I’m going to talk about one of my favorite games… MARIO KART!!!

Ahh… Martio Kart, a classic game that has been on almost every nintendo system ever made.  It comes with the game, and a Wii Wheel.  This game is incredibly fun, and never gets old.  There are 32 tracks overall, and you have to unlock them in single player.  You can play up to four players, but you don’t need 4 wheels to do it.

In my opinion, the wheel is fun to use, and makes it realistic, but it is harder to use, than if you were to just steer without it.  That’s what I do, but sometimes, I connect the numchuck, and it is a whole lot easier.

There are 4 levels of difficulty, and many characters and cars you have to unlock to use.  Also, a new feature in this game, is you can ride bikes, and pop wheelies.  I love cruising past the finnish line, showing off by popping a wheelie!

There are different modes in this game as well.  You can race solo and beat your record, race against 1 computer (ghost), race against 1-3 players, or race the whole bunch in the grand prix, which is how you unlock tracks on single player.  You can make it so every racer is on his/her own team, or there are two teams of six racing for the best overall score.  Also, there is battle mode and race mode.  Race mode is a normal race, and battle mode is all about hurting your enemies with powerups, which you get by running over blue boxes with a question mark on them.  Whether it’s dropping a banana, or throwing a turtle shell, you can do it all.  I’ll talk more about this in the game help section for mariokart.

One last thing.  You can connect to the internet on your wii and race people accross the world!  You get a number that shows how good you are, and as you win or lose more, it goes up or down.  It also lets you to compete with people’s times around the world, and in tournaments, you have to try to get the best time possible.

Thanks for reading my Mario Kart Wii review, and let me assure you.  This is a MUST BUY for the whole family!

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2 Responses to Mario Kart, Wii!

  1. This page was great. Do you publish any other website?

    • wiiconsumer says:

      Actually, I’m working on a website totally dedicated to game design and news, Expect it to come out some time into summer. Basically, if you’re interested on how one makes games and the stuff involved, you should check it out later.

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