E3: A Complete Wii Recap

Hey everybody, I’m gonna go over everything that happened for Nintendo at E3 2008.

Well, first off, we were showed Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip.  You can use the balance board and actually snowboard!  You use the wii remote to do tricks, and there’s a half-pipe, and I saw a downhill run, where you just ride the mountain.  Very cool, and it reminded me a little of the Skate It game.  Basically, you’re trying to make it big, and go all around the world, and make friends that make you better.  There are several game modes, and Shaun White will be out October 15!

Next, we were showed clips of Star Wars: Clone Wars, Rayman Rabbids: TV Party, and Call of Duty: World at War.

Star Wars: Clone Wars — Lightsaber Duels is based on the movie, only you will be kicking some clone butt!!!  You can replay some of the most exciting duels from the movie and tv series.  You can play with your friends and choose either good or evil.

In Rayman Rabbids: TV Party, the Rabbids are back in their third title for the Wii.  They invade the tv, and every level is a new channel.  One third of the games are with the balance board, and the rest use just the remote and numchuck.  We know you can sled down the mountain on the sports channel, as wel as sky surf, and found out they made a new rhythm game, like the past two titles, and this one’s all about dancing.  There will be about 50 minigames to choose from, and you will be allowed to play online!

Call of Duty: World at War takes place in WWII, with Americans fighting the Russians.  We don’t know a lot about this title, other then the new multiplayer mode.  Expect it November 11, 2008.

Next, Nintendo showed us some of Animal Crossing: City Folk, which we don’t know when we’ll be able to play it.  It looks similar, until you take the bus into town, that is!  The city includes an auction house, an academy, a clothing store, and a beauty salon, which allows you to turn your character into your mii!  It is also packaged with Wii Speak, which allows you to talk to your friends over the Wii while playing Animal Crossing, and hinted at putting it in other games, like Super Smash Brothers.  All in all, it looks like it will please those many die-hard Animal Crossing fans.

A big surprise this year was the introduction to Wii Sports Resort, which would be packaged with Wii Motion Plus!  Wii Motion Plus allows the gamer to move his/her remote any way possible, and the Wii can detect it spot on.  So, Wii Sports Resort takes place on a beach, and includes several activities.  These include a water scooter racing (type thing), which you hold the remotes like your holding onto the handles.  Also, you can throw a frisbee to a dog, and try to get it as far away as possible and have her catch it.  Finally, a sword fighting game shows off the new Wii Motion Plus, which goes where the numchuck goes.  You can actually slash a piece of wood from any angle and speed, and the Wii knows exactly where it is.  So, you can fight another person on top of a cliff in one game, and can play like your actually sword fighting, blocking and all.  The bummer is that this cool new title won’t be out until June 30, 2009!

And then, finally, to close the show, Nintendo announced the title of Wii Music, which will be out November 3, 2008!  First, they showed us a professional drummer banging away, using Wii Motion Plus and a balance board, playing a full drum set, complete with symbols, drums, and using the balance board for a foot petal.  The great thing was that he didn’t have to point at the screen, press any buttons, or anything!  This really shows what Wii Motion Plus can do!  They then showed us a few of the over 50 instruments you can play.  By holding the remote in the correct way for that instrument (for example, if you’re playing a sax, you’d hold it to your mouth), and pressing one of the few buttons, you can play notes.  You don’t copy the notes on screen, but the computer has them selected for you.  All you have to worry about is the beat and timing of the song (hold some notes longer than others), and the rest works out itself.  You also strum for guitar, banjo, etc; Drum for all the drums; and bang away for the piano, marimba, etc.  We already know you can run the orchestra by being a conductor in one game, but we found out you and a group can play instruments together in a band playing music of all sorts!  If I remember, you can make your own music video of sorts!

Overall, the Nintendo conference was very successful, and I have very good feelings about next year.  Mr. Miyamoto announced that even though we didn’t see any hints towards another game in The Legend of Zelda, New Super Mario Bros. for the DS, and Pikmin franchises, they were all being worked on.  Think of the possibilities for Zelda and Pikmin on the Wii with Wii Motion Plus, and a New Super Mario Bros. for the DS might be fun too!  I believe that they will come out with something big for the new releases on the Wii, like never before seen.

Also, besides Wii, some DS games were announced, like another Guitar Hero, a shocking Grand Theft Auto, and a Spore!

Well, the E3 conference gave us a good idea on what was going to be happening this year, but also left us hanging on when or what or anything about the Pikmin, Zelda, and Mario.  Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but whatever they do, I’m sure it’ll be great.  Don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t be too long before they give us some more info on Zelda, Pikmin and Mario!

Wii would like to play


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