Super Mario Galaxy!!! Complete Review.

Hey, everybody!  Today, I’m gonna talk about the second best selling game on the wii (would be first, but wii play sold more because it comes with remote).  If you’ve played Super Mario Galaxy, you can understand why everybody wants it!  This Mario game is like a blast to the past.  It reminds me of some of the older games, yet the galaxy idea is really new and refreshing.

Like all mario games, it starts off when the Princess Peach gets kidnapped, and Mario has to save her.  He get’s sucked into space, where he finds himself on a homey-like spaceship with a girl named Rosalina, and hundreds of Lomas (stars that talk).  Bowser has kidnapped many powerstars from the ship, and hid them all over outer space.  Those stars ran the ship, and without them, they can’t fly to Bowser to rescue the Princess.

There are these room all over the ship, and each one can transport you to five different galaxies.  Three have about five stars you can collect overall (some aren’t open until later in the game), and the other two are quick puzzle-like galaxies with only one star.  One of the galaxies is a boss level, where you fight either Bowser or Baby Bowser.  Also, every large galaxy has a boss on the third star.

At first, the large galaxies have three stars, but then you have to go back to either to rescue Luigi who found a star, or when an asteroid flies over a galaxy, you go back and get the same star, but it’s timed, or you’re racing a ghost mario, etc.

There are several costumes mario picks up in the game, which he uses by finding a particular mushroom.  You become bee mario, rainbow mario, boo mario, ice mario, fire mario, flying mario, and spring mario.

In the game, you have to collect sixty stars to get to Bowser and beat the game.  After that, if you collect the remaining sixty stars, you get a surprise!

Star bits also play a role in the game.  By pointing at the screen, you collect these little, colorful bits, which you’ll need to feed to hungry Lumas, which transport you to new galaxies.  You can also shoot them at enemies.

I just have to say I am amazed by the galaxies, and how good and different they all are!  If you liked Super Mario 64, you’ll LOVE this!!!

Overall, Super Mario Galaxy is an excellent game with a new, fresh look, and is a classic and must have for all Wii owners.

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